Pak Choi is taking up more and more space in our daily life. But what is this vegetable?

1)  Pak Choi is one of the 33 listed varieties of Chinese cabbage.
2) Along with Pekin cabbage (Pe-Tsai, commonly Chinese cabbage) and Gai Lon (or Chinese broccoli), Pak Choi (or Bok Choy) is the most consumed in Europe.
3) It will have been introduced in the United States by the Chinese who participated in the great gold street at the end of the 19th century.
4) Compared to its notoriety in Asia, it is still a very unpopular vegetable in Europe.
5) “Pak Choi” is the English translation of the Mandarin “Bok Choy”, which literally means “little white cabbage”.
6) There is great confusion over the names of each plant.
7) Chinese cabbages have been eaten for 7,000 years.
8) They are very good anti-oxidants.
Pak Choi

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